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About Divisions Contractors
Founded in 2004, Divisions Contractors (DC) is a light gage metal framing, gypsum drywall, finishing and acoustical ceiling installation company. Through close relationships with general contractors and suppliers, DC delivers the highest quality products and services for government and commercial projects throughout Central and Western North Carolina. We are driven by a commitment to excellence and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, commitment to safety, and overall "can-do" attitude.

Our Strengths
Divisions Contractors is well-capitalized, maintains disciplined fiscal and risk management practices, and is led by an experienced management team. Divisions has a proven track record with public and private sector projects ranging from $300,000 to over $1,300,000, with a flawless financial history and tier one relationships with suppliers throughout the markets we serve.

Meeting Your Deadlines
Divisions Contractors realizes that time is money and meeting project deadlines is paramount to mutual success and profitability. We are constantly improving our estimating, scheduling and project management methodologies to drive greater efficiencies and improve performance.

We are a People-Centric Organization
We realize that our most valuable assets are our employees, relationships and reputation – and we make ongoing investments in all three. Lasting relationships are essential to our success and we want every client to know that our staff is just as committed to excellence as their own staff is. Our personalized attention and open communications distinguish us from our industry peers.

Protecting Your Investment and Our People
Divisions Contractors’ commitment to safety is present throughout our organization. We believe that rigorous safety controls and proactive training ensures reduces risk and drives long-term value. Our company calls upon every individual in our organization to play an active role in risk mitigation and safety enforcement. We are a drug and alcohol free workplace.